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About Us

SelectCom Supply is a full line distributor that has been serving the Communications Industry since 1982. The primary areas that we cater to are the RF broadband (CATV), Data, CCTV, Security, Telecom and Home Theatre Industry, however we continue to find niche's in various other industries. Our continued expansion can be attributed to the utilization of our many years of experience in distribution and logistics to streamline the procurement stage of your projects. This has allowed us to become a key component in the supply chain for our very diverse cross section of customers.

We attribute our success to our knowledgeable staff, and professional approach to our customer's needs. Our personalized service and attention to detail has been instrumental in building a very loyal customer base. Throughout the year, and the many changes and challenges our industry has experienced, we have been able to grow and adapt with the technology to become your distributor of choice.

SelectCom has broadened our scope beyond just carrying new products and has also included surplus (new), refurbished and field pulled products into our portfolio. In doing so, we have allowed our customers to upgrade to the highest quality of technology that is possible within their budget. We even take this a step further by utilizing our vast network of contacts to market your surplus, obsolete and stale inventory.

Give us a call and allow us to show you what we can do for you! 

Tel: 604.882.0124
Toll Free: 1-800.667.4415
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